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Electrical Components Divisions..

The CMI Products Division, including Hartland cables, Aflex Cables, XLPE Cables, and Minto Industrial manufactures a range of specialist cables and electrical products. These products include power and communication cables/assemblies, computer cabling along with plugs and high voltage couplers.

Powering Australian Industries.....

XLPE Cables

Earth Wire XLPE SDI PVC & XLPE circ Control SWA Cable Fire Rated EMC-VSD Med Voltage

Aflex Cables

Flexible Earth Flexible SDI HO7RNF Mulitcore rubber EMC-VSD Low Voltage Control High Temp Twins 3.3Kv SDI Amphenol Connectors Powersafe Connectors


Data Instrument Cable Braids Coax Hook up Wire Speaker Lighting Flexible Cord Sets